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You’re probably on this website because you’re looking for office space. That leaves a lot of questions – the below are answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Unlike residential estate agents/brokers, all of our profits come from the operator/landlord of the building. As such, we will receive a commission from them when you sign your dream office!

We have an identical agreement with every operator. We have made it a vision to focus on finding the right office, not the one that pays us the most. As such, we don’t allow operators to pay us to promote a specific buildings.

We will accept higher commissions on some buildings, but this would never reflect how/if we show you this building.

It depends on your requirements etc. A lot of our clients find and sign their dream office within a matter of days.

Many flexible space operators allow you move in the very next day, so you can get started very quickly!

Well, actually no. As property consultants, there are a select few operators/buildings that we simply don’t recommend because of issues with previous clients. Our job is to make sure you find the best office, and as such, that may include us saying “we simply don’t think this is good”.

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Need a new office? We got you.

Whether you just need a co-working space for 1 or need a large private office for your team, we can help you. Here’s why you should use RealDesk:

➡️ Save money while we negotiate for you

➡️ Get a single point-of-contact for your search

➡️ Get access to our unbiased consultants who will help you through the entire process

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