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A commercial real estate brokerage focusing on flexible office space.

Finding flexible and serviced office space has always been a struggle. With hundreds of locations and operators to choose from, it’s always been difficult to find the one that matches your business.

With the rapid market growth, you need a broker that can not only help you find the best location, but also utilise relationships with the operators to secure the best terms and price.

I founded RealDesk because I've been there. I was tired of being drilled by hundreds of sales people after an enquiry, and understanding the market was next to impossible.

I wanted to build a brokerage that truly made it possible to get everything done in one place.

Chris Timothy, Founder

Looking for office space?

No matter how many people or where you need it, we can help you. Start an enquiry and speak to a dedicated tenant advisor.

Whether you need a co-working desk or a 60-desk office, we got you.

We match technology with highly experienced tenant advisors to help you find the best option – whether that’s just a small office for 1 or a new HQ.

Modern technology

To achieve the best results, we need to have the best foundation. We have built a great system with thousands of data points on each listing tot help you in your search.

Experienced Negotiators

A big part of an office search is negotiating the best solution. Not only do we focus on getting the best price, we strive to negotiate the best overall terms.

100% impartial

Unlike others, we will never let any incentives for brokers be a factor when it comes to our work. Our consultants are fully impartial.

Need a new office? We got you.

Whether you just need a co-working space for 1 or need a large private office for your team, we can help you. Here’s why you should use RealDesk:

➡️ Save money while we negotiate for you

➡️ Get a single point-of-contact for your search

➡️ Get access to our unbiased consultants who will help you through the entire process

Once you’ve filled out the form, we’ll put you in touch with one of our tenant consultants who wiill take it from here!